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Tips for Moderated Remote Usability Research

Aug 29 2016

How to navigate the logistical hurdles of a remote usability session? Read on!

It’s OK to answer a question with “I don’t know”

Jul 22 2016

As long as it’s followed by “Let’s find out.” Clients and co-workers ask a lot of great questions. Don’t pretend to know all the answers on the spot.

UX Hong Kong Conference

Feb 02 2016

I’ll be attending the always-excellent UX Hong Kong conference next month (including a week-long stopover in Tokyo).

What Is A UX Discovery Workshop?

Mar 01 2015

When I meet with a new client and discuss facilitating a UX Discovery Workshop, the first step is often explaining what a discovery workshop is.

4 Steps To Project Success

Jan 28 2015

When I work with a client, I put a lot of focus on doing discovery research before jumping into a project with both feet. In summary, UX Discovery Projects give us a much clearer picture of the project and help us give a more accurate prediction on cost and duration. Ultimately, this saves everyone a heap of time and potentially a lot of money that could have been wasted.