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CONFERENCE TALK: Design by Discovery to Stop Building Bad Software

Sep 05 2017

WHEN Thursday, November 9, 2017 WHERE Better Software East 2017 Conference in Orlando, Florida WHAT There are two common problems that lead…

CONFERENCE TALK: Stop Building Bad Software – Solving the Right Problems and Creating the Right Products

May 02 2017

There are two common problems that lead to bad software: the project team isn’t aligned on a problem and the customer isn’t involved in the design process.

Workshop: Best Practices for Incorporating UX into an Agile Methodology

Mar 03 2017

Description This workshop is designed for people and organizations that are struggling to create great user experiences (UX) while working in an…

Workshop: Discovery Workshop Best Practices – How to align project teams with clients and stakeholders

Jun 08 2015

What is a Discovery Workshop?

A Discovery Workshop is an in-person, hands-on, facilitated workshop which is used to understand client/stakeholder design problems. Discovery workshops aren’t about designing screens or coming up with a final solution. Rather, they’re an efficient way for a project team to gain a shared understanding, explore ideas and develop a design direction before starting a new project.

Workshop: Designing Successful Projects

Feb 01 2015

There are many factors that contribute to successful projects. Whether we’re working on websites, mobile apps, SAAS, or desktop software, sometimes we’re asked to work on products and services without a clear understanding of the problem the business is trying to solve and who the target customers are. Whether you are in a startup or a mature business, it’s important to have these fundamentals in place so that you don’t invest time and money on solving the wrong problem.

TALK: Discovery Projects! (AKA Best Practices on Destroying People’s Dreams)

Jan 01 2015

What is a discovery project? You may not realize you’re doing it, but at some point during a project you have to think, “What are we designing and do users want it?” Maybe you make the answers up. Lots of people do.