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We know you’re trying hard to design the best user experiences for your customers, but not every company has the luxury of an experienced UX team. 

We can help.

80 Watts offers targeted, personalized UX training courses to hit the biggest pain points to unlock your team’s potential.

  • Practical Experience: Your team will learn from our experiences through real examples from our projects, including templates that we use with our clients.
  • Live and Interactive With Experts: Virtual training covers the core theories, methods, and techniques of user research. Each session has time allocated for discussion, exercises, and Q&A.
  • Everyone is Welcome: You don’t have to have the title of Researcher to get a lot out of this class. It’s great for Designers, Product Owners, Executives and Developers, too!

We have over 40 years of experience designing and research products we’d be excited to share our knowledge with you.

UX Research Training

In this training, attendees will learn when and how to use the the most common research methods. Through a combination of lecture and hands-on activities, attendees will learn how to plan and execute a research project to understand their customer’s needs and behaviors while also keeping an eye on their budget.

The Why, What, Where and When of Research
Myths About Research (and how to address them)
Biases in Research (and how to address them)
Research Methods (Quantitative & Qualitative, Surveys, Contextual, Interviews, Diary Studies, Usability Testing, Participatory Design)

Interviewing Stakeholders
Creating a Research Plan & Discussion Guide
Identifying and Finding Research Participants
Conducting Qualitative Research
Analyzing and Prioritizing Research Findings
Presenting Work

What our clients say

The 80 Watts training approach fit very nicely with the way our team engages. The information 80 Watts delivered was both timely and useful and kept our team engaged. After three targeted sessions, our team walked away with tools and tactics that will be used to build an overall design approach that fits our needs.
Silas Williams Director, Consulting Services, Stibo Systems

“80 Watts’ training was incredible! The curriculum was broad enough to provide a comprehensive overview to participants with all levels of experience but still tackled many advanced concepts for those of us who are in the trenches. The knowledge and insight were invaluable to my team. Highly recommend this course for your research team as well as the business stakeholders who are impacted by their efforts.”
Greg G. Director of Product Research

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Our team

Matt Wallens

Matt’s a design research consultant helping companies understand their customers and employees so they can make better products, software, and services. In 2009, he founded 80 Watts, a user experience consultancy focused on research, training, and experience design.

When he’s not working, he enjoys hiking, whiskey tasting, and exploring Atlanta’s delicious taco scene. Matt is also a co-founder and co-organizer of the User Research Atlanta professional organization.

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